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Spanish DJ and producer Vedelius previously released an acclaimed and sought after 12” on dutch label 030303, where he showed his appreciation for  sounds from the golden age – bleep 'n' bass, amen breaks and new beat – with a unique touch. He has been DJ’ing since the late 1990s in Madrid, where he threw his own events called “Discosis”. 


Long time friends Uwe Schmidt and Tobias Freund have been playing live together since the early 1990s. Their live set is based on improvisation: a set of prepared sequences, samples and rythms altered, recombined and morphed. An ongoing, unpredictable flow of sound.


DJ Soulglo and Constantin Zeileissen have so far recorded 7 Eps for TRUST, and collaborated with artists like AUX88, Sensational and DJ Stingray (FTNWO) – all under their Microthol moniker. As Haze Factory, they produced Hercules and Love Affair, and their alias Buffered Multiple stands for no-nonsense Techno at it's very best.


Long-time studio wizzard Dibek has worked with the likes of Gerhard Potuznik as Group Niob, Jimmy Zurek as Santos Fire and most recently Dan Lodig as /DL/MS/. Solo records have been released on Cheap and Vigram (the label he co-runs with Dan Lodig) and recently on Pomelo (as Phosphene). 


Co-founder of Pomelo, half of /DL/MS/, third of Strings Of Death. 


/DL/MS/ are Dan Lodig / Martin Sovinz, who have joined forces to create analogue techno and electro with releases on Pomelo, TRUST and Frustrated Funk.



Gerhard Potuznik (GD Luxxe) and  Martin Sovinz (Dibek) are Group Niob, who manufacture their tracks in endless stroboskope-laden hardware sessions, in order to overdub their tinnitus´, which otherwise would drive them crazy. 

Group Niob's bass-driven dub-informed techno releases have appeared since 2009 mostly via their bad-ass Phlox imprint.   (photo: Lukas Gansterer)



Anet K. is a Latvian artist based in Berlin. On her debut 12" on Pomelo "Eat My Pussy" she blends bass music, juke and Electro with unique sensibility, proper of a talent to watch out for.  Previously she collaborated with the likes of Sam Barker and Jimmy Edgar, among others.


Tin Man has been creating a stir on dance floors worldwide for many years with his unique vision of acid, techno and house. His earliest EPs, inspired by old-school acid house, evoke a serenity reminiscent of Larry Heard's best work. More recently, Johannes Auvinen has experimented with vocals and acoustic instruments. Throughout all of Tin Man's releases there is a sense of depth. (photo : Elsa Okazaki)


Kemetrix has dared to break the traditional Detroit Techno mold while keeping the funky essence of the D production. Fusing urban Detroit street experiences and incorporating them into production has made for a unique and new sound called Soulwerkz Detroit.


"techno-tanzband" Elektro Guzzi play analog dance music with drums, bass and guitar. Their fabled live shows have to be experienced first hand in order to understand why Elektro Guzzi are regulars on the world's clubs and festival circuit. Listening to theirs music it becomes completely irrelevant that these tracks are created using guitars, drums and effect pedals. They stand tall for what they are: Spectacularly unique sounding and brilliantly flowing exercises in dark, organic techno.


Brendon Moeller is a real master in the field of Techno and Dub, also well known for his productions under the monikers 'Beat Pharmacy' and 'Echologist'. He has 10 albums and over 50 singles under his belt, released on some of the best labels out there.


Alex Cortex has gone a long way since his 1996 smash hit 'Tubed', recording 5 albums (most recent 'Kihon' on Pomelo) scoring films and collaborating with artists like Lopazz among others. 

L.D. Nero merges the sound of early to mid nineties Chicago house and techno with contemporary sound design to greatest effect, as can be heard on his records for Baby Ford's Trelik, as well as Pomelo.


Throughout a recording career spanning almost two decades, DJ Stingray a.k.a. Urban Tribe has consistently avoided the mainstream to create a musical world of his own. Responsible for the early techno classic "Covert Action" on Retroactive, he was joined by Carl Craig, Anthony Shakir and Kenny Dixon jr. for Urban Tribe s debut album "The Collapse Of Modern Culture" on Mo Wax. Through his work with the late James Stinson as Drexciya tour DJ, Stingray developed his own innovative electro sound. His recent singles and remixes remained true to their drexciyan descent - not through imitation but through remorseless innovation in electro aesthetics.


Patrick Pulsinger founded Cheap Records together with Erdem Tunakan in 1993. He produces music since the early 1990s and is well known in many contexts, due to a broad range of international releases and live appearances. 



Nino Šebelić main influences in DJing and music production are the depth and craft of early electronic music, which had a strong impact on his youth in Serbia. Together with Mario Crnkovic he formed Subotika, who released an album on DJ 3000's Motech Records. Releases on Alan Oldham's Pure Sonik and TJ Hicks' Minimalsoul followed. On Pomelo he debuts with a pure Electro EP of unique quality.


Steven Patton's electro music is deeply influenced by the deep sea resonance of Drexciya as well as other dark and enigmatic musicians, such as Aphex Twin, Lory D, DJ Stingray 313, Underground Resistance, and artists from his beloved Glasgow such as Rustie, Voltaic and Chordata. Glasgow itself he calls a huge inspiration to his productions. Merging all these influences, Espee creates his own individual musical world – a combination of enchanting melodies, intricate bass lines and fat beats.


Altroy Jerome is an American producer, composer and artist born in Harlem, New York, USA and based in Vienna, Austria where he operates his Minimalsoul imprint. He releases and remixes on various labels including Home, NightVision, Editions Mego and Minimalsoul . As a Disk Jockey he's well known for skillfully fusing deep & soulful detroit techno with a varied selection of electronic rhythms.


Hooked on the sound of early Detroit and Sheffield techno, DJ Glow played his first nights in viennese clubs back in 1991 and in January 1992 started his own series of raves in Vienna's infamous ex-squat, the Arena, together with fellow teenage collaborators Daniel Lodig and LX. In 1998 he started his label TRUST. Its first release - Super Earth Invasion - coincided with a resurgence of electro and broken beats in techno music and received support from people like Mad Mike, Ed DMX and DJ Rolando. After a break, labelwork was resumed in 2002 and - with the help of artists like Microthol, Lok44, Epy, Clatterbox, Urban Tribe and Patrick Pulsinger - TRUST has since become Vienna's main electro outlet.


Digilog is a Viennese producer and composer known for his dark, atmospheric, Acid and Detroit Techno inspired interpretation of electronic music. Together with Irradiation he runs temp-records where he released his first EP "Realational". He also (co-)organizied TEMP~ electronic music festival (2003-2009), the club series TEMP~est and TEMP~eriert.
After a break he restarts 2014 and will continue defining his style and visions. There is more to come..



Originally hailing from a small village in rural Lower Bavaria, Sam Irl has been living and working as a producer and recording engineer in Vienna for quite some time now. He produces tracks of various styles, ranging from sample-heavy MPC Hip Hop beats, analogue tape-recorded synthesizer Funk to raw Broken Beat and Deep House tunes.

Look out for Sam Irl´s live performances jamming on two MPC´s, drum computers and analogue synthesizers.



Alex Cortex & Lopazz are both well-established producers and perfomers for many years. So different they are in their solo-projects, so indistinguishably they melt their unique visions into one flow of effervescent creativity as Bad Cop Bad Cop.

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